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Yapc Na 2009 Slides Posted

YAPC::NA 2009 - Slides Posted

So YAPC::NA is over. I’ve mostly recovered from the Moose Flu that seems to have circulated around at it. I’ve posted my slides for both XML::Toolkit and the EPO-EC talks. The first went “okay”, while I’d been doing a lot of work with it the weeks before YAPC I think that adding slides to the talk sort of brought down the excitement a bit. The second talk however went really well. Granted it had a 50 minute introduction by mst (supposedly it was his own talk on standards as socially transmitted diseases but we all know he was just introducing me), and that can’t hurt. Anyway I hope to be posting more about the EPO-EC talk and what is going on shortly but first I need to catch up with work.

UPDATE: Mark Keating has posted video of my EPO-EC talk online.