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Lnfi Moving On Down

LNFI Moving On Down St. Paul Pioneer Press | 04/07/2006 | Planned shuffling of schools is official The plan allows the district to save money by moving some programs currently in short-term leased space into L’Etoile du Nord’s building, which has a longer lease, Kanavati said. It also gives the French immersion program, which has seen its ... Read more

Links For 2006 04 08

links for 2006-04-08 Articles: Palm Blogging Apps A review of PalmOS blogging apps (tags: palm blogging blog software mobile tools blogs treo) Why isn't my cell phone a bluetooth GPS | Brad Ideas Why don't more mobile services give you access to the geo-data they collect? I'd be willing to pay a small fee to have my ... Read more

Links For 2006 04 07

links for 2006-04-07 Saint Paul, Minnesota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Probably useful to generate ideas/content for OpenGuides (tags: St_Paul MN) Read more

Links For 2006 04 06

links for 2006-04-06 Simon Wistow / Bot-Infobot-0.9 - yet another port of Purl, this time to Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable (tags: bots irc infobot purl) Developing Wireless Content using XHTML Mobile Hopefully useful for building XHTML Basic/MP templates for OpenGuides (tags: wml programming wireless mobile... Read more

Links For 2006 04 05

links for 2006-04-05 CVS Repository - directory - cvs: infobot/infobot Purl's an infobot/chatterbot on #perl (tags: bots purl infobot) CVS Repository - directory - cvs: flooterbuck/infobot a re-write of Infobot to try to clean things up (tags: infobot perl bots) Meatball Wiki: ModWiki An... Read more