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Yapc Na 2009 Slides Posted

YAPC::NA 2009 - Slides Posted So YAPC::NA is over. I’ve mostly recovered from the Moose Flu that seems to have circulated around at it. I’ve posted my slides for both XML::Toolkit and the EPO-EC talks. The first went “okay”, while I’d been doing a lot of work with it the weeks before YAPC I think that adding slides to the talk sort of brought do... Read more


YAPC::NA I’m off to YAPC tomorrow. I’m giving two talks on Tuesday and I haven’t yet finished my slides (though I do think I have some clue what I’m gonna talk about). This is the first time in six years I’ve spoken at something as large as a YAPC and I’m starting to feel a little nervous. Unlike six years ago however this time I’m expecting to ... Read more

Fail Strike100 Strike 99

FAIL 100 99 I’ve just released XML::NamespaceSupport 1.10, with fixes to it’s build system. I’ve had it soaking as a dev release for the last week or two, ever since I noticed it was #6 on Adam Kennedy’s Fail 100. I had to chase down Robin Berjon and get him to delegate co-maint, but it was a simple enough once that happened. One down, 99 to go. Read more

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Xml

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something XML With the blessing of Barrie Slaymaker, I’ve released a new version XML::SAX::Machines. This is the first release in 5 years, and fixes a two year old RT ticket about the use of psudo-hashes (which are deprecated and removed in perl 5.10). I plan on trying to resolve the other issues... Read more

State = Behavior

State != Behavior Ovid has discovered another “bug” (and by “bug” I mean documented feature ;) ). He has code that effectively does: class MyClass { has my_method => ( default => 1); } and then is surprised when MyClass->new->my_method fails. In his case it was hidden by an inheritance hierarchy. This bites many people new to ... Read more