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Poker 1 Of

Poker (1 of ??) So I’m gonna start with my first poker post. This is mostly for myself to look back on later, please ignore these if you a) don’t care, or b) don’t want to care. I’ll post the majority of this below the fold… Read more

Links For 2006 01 19

links for 2006-01-19 Semantic Web job trends Nice pretty graphs of how the SemWeb job trends have been doing over the past year. (tags: rdf jobs graphics) Read more

Links For 2006 01 13

links for 2006-01-13 Anacron for MacOS 10.4 "Anacron runs the periodic daily, weekly and monthly tasks on your Mac even if the machine (a laptop, for example) spends much of its time asleep or switched-off. Anacron silently checks when you reboot and every sixty minutes while the computer is runnin (tags: macosx tiger cron unix software... Read more

Links For 2006 01 12

links for 2006-01-12 TrimSpreadsheetBasicPrimer - TrimPath - Trac An ajax spreadsheet, which is the base for (tags: javascript css excel spreadsheet) NextAction - TrimPath - Trac (tags: gtd productivity Tools javascript software ajax firefox) Ken MacLeod: Feature-driven development, test-driven development, and ... Read more

Links For 2006 01 11

links for 2006-01-11 Linux/BSD Gangsters - Content - Linux - Guide/how-to - MAKING YOUR KDE LOOK LIKE A MAC OS X (tags: linux kde osx mac howto desktop apple) Read more