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All The Pretty Colors

All the Pretty Colors So we have started painting the house this weekend. (hence the coming slew of bookmarks with ‘house blog’ tags) We went with “Ruskin Green” and “Rembrandt Ruby” from the Sherman Williams Arts and Crafts style colors. Next will be the hallway where we will be replacing lighting sconces too. I feel so suburbanit... Read more

Links For 2005 09 29

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Links For 2005 09 27

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Linksys Fun

Linksys Fun Fun with firmware… ~ # cat /proc/cpuinfo system type : Broadcom BCM947XX processor : 0 cpu model : BCM3302 V0.7 BogoMIPS : 199.47 wait instruction : no microsecond timers : yes tlb_entries : 32 extra interrupt vector : no hardware watchpoint : no VC... Read more

Links For 2005 09 21

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