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What Ive Learned About Perl Versions

What I’ve Learned about Perl Versions So in a discussion about the version numbers in MooseX::POE the following wisdom was imparted upon me: 14:35 <@lbr> DBIC had: $VERSION = '0.08010'; 14:35 <@rafl> just always quote version numbers 14:36 <@rafl> and don't make them shorter than a previous version 14:37 <@lbr> and peopl... Read more

Moose Dependencies A Lurid Tale

Right so the rumor is that Moose has a lot of dependencies. I mean according to cpantesters Moose has 24 different dependencies! (Note: that same site says that almost all of those dependencies have a nearly 100% test record, but we’re talking Quantity not Quality!). Let’s examine this a bit more: Here are the actual direct dependencies from Mo... Read more

Use.perl Fail

use.perl Fail Today I was reading a use.perl journal and ended up on the homepage and saw this: Uploaded with plasq's Skitch! FAIL. According to mst I need to hunt down rafael, davorg, grinder, brian d foy or pudge to see if I can be added to the list of people who are responsible for making sure that doesn’t happen. I suck at this kind of st... Read more

Links For 2009 04 26

links for 2009-04-26 The Medieval Bestiary (tags: history reference art mythology animals literature images illustration bestiary medieval) Read more

Links For 2009 04 25

links for 2009-04-25 MySQL :: How to Monitor MySQL's performance (tags: benchmark howto article reference linux tutorial dev sysadmin unix database scalability performance work db mysql optimization admin monitor tuning monitoring freebsd) Circos - visualize geno... Read more