The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Its Here

IT’S HERE! I am the proud new owner of a 14” G3 iBook! I have re-joined the Mac world after nearly 10 years. I’m so ecstatic. UPDATE: I have decided to name the new Laptop Alice which is I think fitting for her. Read more

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning I’ve done a fair bit of spring cleaning tonight. I tried to clean up the referrer log, we’ll see if I have when awstats rebuilds it. I also removed Mark’s blog, as he says he’ll not be using it anytime soon. Next I’ll try to resolve the 404s and see if I can get my name unsullied in the annals of Google. The robots.txt file I cr... Read more

Its On Its Way

It’s on it’s way! UPS Package Tracking W00t. Read more

Podcasting Part Deux

Podcasting part Deux PodGuides for your iPod - The Unofficial Apple Weblog - So Podcasting must be on the brain today, but this article screams to be combined with that link to DIY Google Maps that I found the other day (should be somewhere below, or on my account). Read more

Podcasting Goes Mainstream ... Sort Of

Podcasting goes mainstream … sort of Battlestar Gallactica, Podcasts, and AirTunes - The Unofficial Apple Weblog - I owe these revelations to Battlestar Galactica's new podcasts, which feature commentary by Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore. For the most part, I see a good deal of the podcast craze to be a throwback to rad... Read more