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Links For 2005 03 12

links for 2005-03-12 Mn/DOT Traveler Information - Traffic Data Real Time Machine Readable (XML) Traffic Information for the Twin Cities (categories: xml geo St_Paul) Read more

Links For 2005 03 11

links for 2005-03-11 The dreams that stuff is made of (categories: blogs) A Plan for Pugs (categories: perl pugs haskell) The Haskell Home Page (categories: haskell programming) Scribus :: GPL Desktop Publishing for Linux and more (categories: publishing software unix) I N K S C A P E . Draw Freely ... Read more

Google Overlords

Google Overlords Google Scares Me Read more

Links For 2005 03 10

links for 2005-03-10 Remarks at NBER Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce (categories: news politics reading science) Read more

Links For 2005 03 09

links for 2005-03-09 Mimer SQL Developers - Mimer SQL Validator Validate against 92, 99, and 2003 SQL standards (categories: sql standards) IRC/2 Numeric List The numerics for IRC (categories: irc specs) DATABASE DEBUNKINGS - HOME (categories: sql design programming rdbms) The Atlantic Online | April 2002 | Seein... Read more