The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The Small Business Rant

The Small Business Rant Recently Scott McWhirter sent me the following video. </param></param></param></embed> We’ve been discussing the state of Entrepreneurship in the Perl community. Mostly that it doesn’t seem to exist. Read more

Stupid Bot Tricks Part I

I thought I’d take a stab at showing off a bot framework I’d written at the hackathon during the first Frozen Perl. The framework is known as either Adam or Moses depending on who you’re talking to, and is available on GitHub Adam lays all the framework and Moses brings in the declarative sugar and magic. So let’s take a look at a quick bot I w... Read more

The XML::Toolkit Story Part 1 - The Early Years

So one of the talks I had accepted to YAPC is on XML::Toolkit, and I thought I’d give a bit of a preview of what it is. XML::Toolkit was created for a project that required de-serializing XML in to Perl data, exposing that data to be edited, and then re-serializing it so a Flash client could read it. Because of assumptions made by the Flash scr... Read more

What Ive Learned About Perl Versions

What I’ve Learned about Perl Versions So in a discussion about the version numbers in MooseX::POE the following wisdom was imparted upon me: 14:35 <@lbr> DBIC had: $VERSION = '0.08010'; 14:35 <@rafl> just always quote version numbers 14:36 <@rafl> and don't make them shorter than a previous version 14:37 <@lbr> and peopl... Read more

Thumb A Modern Perl Iphone Application

Yuval has been posting several entries about KiokuDB and I thought I’d give a chance to talk about how we had used for an application currently on sale in the iPhone store. Thumb-Rate is a social app that allows you to simply vote up or down on things in real life. It’s not a complicated, and the source code clocks in at 3791 lines of perl incl... Read more