The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

He Went To Paris

He Went to Paris My YAPC::EU talk was accepted. I shall be speaking for 40 minutes on the Compiler I wrote for Soq. I have most of an outline written, but I need to polish it up and actually write the damn slides … I’m thinking of going with xHTML generated from the ShadowXML files the slides are currently in. That way I theoretically could use... Read more

Bender Rises Again

Bender rises again… Bender has working Blogger code again (not that this really means much). And he seems to be heavily used by the #YAPC people (YAPC::NA currently is happening in Boca Raton) as an OpBot. This only means that Rhonda was probably right. The alter-ego for my Bot has a better Perl life than I do. Read more

Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude Buffy Chords Main Page This almost makes me want to learn guitar. Read more


Interesting Right so I did drop off the face of the earth a bit. I’m sorry. I’ve been traveling (gone to seen the Highlands, damn they’re high). I found this: Which is interesting in that it combines a computer generated narritive application with a nice name. It makes me wish I had a mac so I could try it out. -Chris Read more

Homonym Trouble

Homonym Trouble The Double Metaphone Search Algorithm Becasue I spelt Hear as Here today this is particularly pertainent to me. Read more