The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Because Some People Complained

Because some people complained… After two days of simple hackery, I’ve added a bit of something to help people who have been complaining about the color scheme here at You can now, Customize Site Colors till your heart’s content. The color choices are stored in a cookie and persist every time you visit the site. Enjoy. Read more

This Is Kinda Cool

This is kinda cool… Reel to Rail And they’re going to be filming the 3rd Harry Potter Movie somewhere up here this summer. Isn’t that neat? I think it’s neat. Read more

Because A Little Girl Wanted Some

Because a Little Girl wanted some… Pancake The Clown Pancake Recipe 2 eggs 2 cups of flour 1 1/2 cups of milk 4 tbsps butter or margarine or shortening 2 tablespoons of sugar 6 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon of salt Makes about 4 pancakes. Beat egg until fluffy; beat in remaining ingredients just until smooth. Grease and heat frying pan.... Read more

Useful Spam

Useful SPAM? So I got a pair of e-mails this morning that were obviously computer generated. Advertising an uptime service for my website. Obviously SPAM, as I’ve never registered for an Uptime service in my life (that I can remember). However the approach was dfferent. “We noticed that the link [link] on the page [page] was returning a 404 and... Read more

This Is Interesting

This is interesting… A long thread on use.perl about Standardizing on Microsoft. I think Ziggy may have a point, though typically such rationalizations are not found in the Microsoft shop. I’ve worked for and technically work in a Microsoft Shop. I’m planning on moving my operating system to a Linux derivative (gentoo) in the (mostly because P... Read more