The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Imponderables This article: Has gotten me wondering again about the speed of light and my private cosmology in which I believe that the universal constants can shift over time, but that because we exist inside the system we cannot gauge these changes accurately. Mostly it’s my small attempt at exp... Read more

For Marsae

For Marsae… I needed to post this for Marse. How often is it you find Good Omens slash fic, and provided third hand by the author himself. (Though I’m rather positive Neil hasn’t see it himself. Shh, don’t tell.) Read more

I Stupidly Forgot To Update

I stupidly forgot to update… I stupidly forgot to update the page just a second ago and lost the previous post. I suppose this is why people use blogging software. I really should get my ass in gear and write that blogging software I wanna write. The good thing is I had nothing important to say before. So it’s not like you all are missing anyth... Read more

The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond I have endevored into the great re-install and I’m now running Windows XP Pro. We’ll have to see how well this lasts, but so far I really really like Cleartype. So much so in fact that I’ve gone back to exclusively using the Laptop’s monitor despite the 800x600 resolution it constrains me too. I’ll see if I can keep you posted ... Read more


Lost… Well I lost everything that was on this front page. I was testing something in Soq and accidentally over-wrote the index.html file with a blank file. Oops. I have tried to rebuild as best as possible, but the posts only existed here at the moment, and thus are lost forever. Is the color too much? Yes I think it is. If you weren’t fast e... Read more