The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

We Have A New Kitten.

We have a new kitten. We have a new kitten. She’s tiny, grey and very very cute. I’ll see about pictures when I can get her to hold still, and perhaps when there’s more light for the web cam. We’re trying to settle on a name, so far the choices have been Neutron, Dora (rejected by Kaite), and most recently Zelda. I’m voting for Zelda, according ... Read more

Katie Is Sick

Katie is sick… Katie is sick, we’re looking at flats, and Jamie has an interview tomorrow to see about getting a NI number so she can start working. Life is a bit busy at the moment. And to top it all off Amazon hasn’t sent my copy of Object Oriented Perl yet, despite saying it should ship in 24hrs. Anybody have a good link to a detailed discus... Read more

Once A Week And Still Fresh

Once a Week and Still Fresh Seems sad that I can update my page a week at a time and still be fresher than wonderful child. Read more

Perl 6 Seems To Be Comming Along Nicely.

Perl 6 seems to be comming along nicely. Perl 6 seems to be comming along nicely. The Parrot group has realeased a new version with a Perl 6 compiler that works with the code from Apocalypses 1 - 4. It also handles Ruby, Python, Scheme and Forth (they think). How is this cool? Well it’s supposed to mean that with Perl 6 you can link/embed to su... Read more


Imponderables This article: Has gotten me wondering again about the speed of light and my private cosmology in which I believe that the universal constants can shift over time, but that because we exist inside the system we cannot gauge these changes accurately. Mostly it’s my small attempt at exp... Read more