The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The Critics Have Spoken.

The Critics have spoken. Well the critics … um well critic … has spoken. Marsae at WonderfulChild, who pestered me endlessly about what a Blog was and what she should have for a blog and what it should be called, then complained about the old look of the site as being rather “plain.” Well there is a reason, I’m not using Blogger or Movable Type... Read more

Change Has Come.

Change has come. Change has come. I am not quite ready to go as far as but I am trying to keep things simple. We’ll have to see how it goes. Read more

Sorry About The Delay

Sorry about the delay… Sorry about the delay, went to Orchardton this weekend (it’s the house in the background). We ended up helping herd the sheep in to the house, it’s sad when seven very intelligent people are out witted by a group of six sheep. But eventually we won, and they were shorn. We also got new pictures of Kaitlynn online. There ... Read more


… Work busy … blog more later. Read more

Today Is A Bank Holiday

Today is a bank holiday Today is a bank holiday for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. It’s been 25 years since the Sex Pistols released God Save the Queen. Oh and I guess the Queen has Reigned for 50 years, but I’m a Yank, what do I care? The BBC has been going through variations on the theme “The History of the Queen.” Last night was “The history of... Read more