The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Might Be Easier.

Might be easier…. Worked out some of the bugs to the software running behind this site. This will make it easier for me to update. You may seem some updates comming soon. Hopefully at least I can start blogging here again. -Chris Read more

I'm deeply apologetic to those…

I’m deeply apologetic to those who’ve found this place less than maintained, I’ve been terribly busy trying to not starve. Aparently the world doesn’t want or need yet another web designer. I’m trying to convince it otherwise. On to why I’m posting. I was out looking for Prather’s out there, and some Prather information in general. I found a nu... Read more

Been Working

I’ve been working on a content publishing system that will be modified into the family tree program. I noticed that we’re getting a few more hits now, and I’ll also set up some message boards so that people actually have something to do here. Check back soon for new updates. Read more

I Recently Bought

Hi, I recently bought, and I hope to make this the virtual home for Prather family research. What is Prather Family Research? Well that all depends on the Prather family I suppose. I hope to put up a family tree system in the near future, to allow those out there who are interested to post geneology information and share with other... Read more