The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

The PSGI is the Limit

Miyagawa has recently linked to a bunch of forums where he has encountered a lot of push back against PSGI. The argument basically goes “We’re using CGI/mod_perl/FastCGI just fine and it works for us, why should we change?” Let me tell you a couple of stories. For the last year and a half I consulted on a large web application. It was a closed ... Read more

Tyranny Of Distributions

The Mojolicious team has deprecated Mojolicious on Perl 5.8. Sebastian has a really good argument for doing this, 5.8’s regular expression engine is causing security problems. Considering that Perl 5.8 has been deprecated by the core Perl developers, and that 5.10 will be deprecated when Perl 5.14 is released sometime very soon, dropping support... Read more

Information Hiding or how I learned to hate state and love behavior...

The conversations about documentation of Object Oriented Perl brought up a classic disagreement about the nature of encapsulation. It doesn’t help that the term ‘encapsulation’ is overloaded. Encapsulation is the wrapping of an object’s data, also know as it’s state, with guard behavior. This is so the state cannot be easily changed without the... Read more

Le Mud Intro

Party like it’s 1979 So recently I’ve been playing Lacuna Expanse more than I probably should be. It’s an interesting game with a lot of other Perl programmers involved, so the community feeling is very familiar. One of the things that Lacuna Expanse does that I haven’t seen in other games, not that I game a lot1, is they expose their server A... Read more

Perl Oasis 2011

Perl Oasis 2011 With London Perl Workshop closing up this weekend, I realized So Perl Oasis 2011 is rapidly approaching. It will in fact be happening January 15th, 2011, and the deadline for Talk Submissions is December 17th. Worse yet the deadline for booking the hotel rooms with our discount rate is December 16th! The call for speakers is op... Read more