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I saw the best minds of my generation...

So there has been a recent post that stirred up some commentary. The basic gist is that the author decided to leave Perl because he got tired of living with the constant scolding over ‘use strict’. Something that (as he points out in an update) even Mark Jason Dominus has commented on1. I agree with him. Not about use strict, I actually agree w... Read more

Perl Oasis 2012

How to organize a conference in your home town, and then not attend! So last weekend (January 14th specifically) was the 4th Orlando Perl Workshop aka “Perl Oasis”. From the feedback I’ve seen people generally had an excellent time. Which is good because I missed most of it. Friday Night Lights Friday I taught the Moose course to four excelle... Read more

Blackjack in 10 Lines of Modern Perl

There is this thread on Reddit (and StackOverflow) about what’s the coolest thing you can pull off in 10 lines of code. Obviously the first question people have is how do you define a “line”, cause unless you have significant whitespace issues you can do a lot on a single line. If you limit yourself to a line is equal to a single idea or step i... Read more

Future Moose Support

There has been a little bit of noise on twitter about the recent policy decision by the Moose core team. Most of it seems to focus on this line: Moose will be dropping support for perl 5.8 with the 2.06 release (in January of 2012). Which is stating that nearly a year after support for 5.10 has been dropped by the core perl development t... Read more

The PSGI is the Limit

Miyagawa has recently linked to a bunch of forums where he has encountered a lot of push back against PSGI. The argument basically goes “We’re using CGI/mod_perl/FastCGI just fine and it works for us, why should we change?” Let me tell you a couple of stories. For the last year and a half I consulted on a large web application. It was a closed ... Read more