The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Traits Vs Roles

Traits vs Roles In natural languages lot of objects have multiple names. For example I am known on CPAN and IRC as perigrin, I am know to my friends and family as Chris, to the TSA as David, and to my children as Daddy. Each of these different names illuminate a different context or role that the object, me, is thought of or used in. Recently ... Read more

The Tpf

The Perl Foundation Gabor Szabo recently asked on his blog what we want to see out of The Perl Foundation. This was in response to the issues raised in comments on his grant request. I’d made a comment in there that I figured I should pull some of ideas from my comments there out into a blog post in response Gabor’s question. Obviously much of... Read more

Vote Transparent

Vote Transparent 1 Mostly because I don’t think he’ll actually do it. ↩ Read more

With A Little Help From My Friends

With a Little Help From My Friends So I haven’t blogged much in the last month. Now I blog twice in one evening1. I’ve been incredibly busy on something that it turns out is the topic for this post. Today coming across the Iron Man feed was Gábor Szabó’s post about “Cooperation among Perl freelancers”. This hit pretty close to home for me sinc... Read more

Fixing A Hole

Fixing a Hole Recently xenoterracide mentioned an issue he had with Dist::Zilla which he solved in a clever way1. I had been thinking about this problem for a while myself. RJBS generates solid code, and nobody agree’s 100% on everything I respect him enough to give serious thought to his solutions to problems. So it was surprising to me that I... Read more