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Links For 2007 05 12

links for 2007-05-12 Chaucer Blog: Meddlyng Kids! t-shirt from (tags: katie t-shirts) Read more

Links For 2007 05 10

links for 2007-05-10 Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques (tags: article development database howto linux mysql performance programming sysadmin clustering cluster replication) Read more

Links For 2007 05 08

links for 2007-05-08 O'Reilly Radar > lift/scala for web apps (tags: architecture article concurrency dev development framework functional java language lift web scalability scala) DevilDucky - Introducing the Book (tags: blog book books bus comedy computers development fun support satire humor technology funny video) A P... Read more

Links For 2007 05 03

links for 2007-05-03 Casper & Runyon's Nook - St Paul, MN, 55116-1613 - Citysearch One of the best burgers in St. Paul (tags: MN st_paul food burgers restaurants bars) grice's maxims (tags: #bots blogging conversation language linguistics reference social writing pragmatics grice maxims) The Kingdom of Loathing Yet a... Read more

Links For 2007 05 02

links for 2007-05-02 UCF School of Film and Digital Media (tags: UCF gradschool MFA programs) Read more