The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Orlando Has Its Own Cname

Orlando has it’s own CNAME! The OpenGuides Orlando website can now be found at yeah! Read more

Why My Daughter Loves Me

Why my daughter loves me… Aparently it’s because I’m a lefty-liberal pinko. The Political Compass Update: Katie also says I’m a dreenlus (which is how she’s currently saying Genius) Read more

More Cooking For Spring Break

More Cooking for Spring Break Today was: - Station - Tye’s Tangy Keylime Pie Read more

Hokey Smokes

Hokey Smokes! MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00 For the first full week that it was available in bookstores, the week ending February 11th, Megatokyo Volume 2 came in at #4, being being outsold by only 3 titles - Kenshin Vol 3, Fruits Basket Vol 1 and Trigun Vol 2. Holy crap, as they say. The week after that, MT Vol2 came in at #7, then th... Read more


Conflict Well two (possibly) conflicting things happened today. First, I sent out the annoucements that the Orlando PerlMongers would be holding their first ever meeting next Tuesday (March 23) at 7:00pm at Kate O’Brien’s downtown. Which is something I’ve been trying to help get off the ground since well since before I left the UK actually. Bu... Read more