The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Katie Starts A New School

Katie Starts a New School Tomorrrow my baby starts a new school (her second since florida, and fourth ever … not bad for a 4 year old. I can’t wait till Highschool). She’ll be attending, Central Florida Preparatory School (via OpenGuides Orlando). We went out last tuesday and bought her uniforms, and I had all kinds of flashbacks remembering exa... Read more

Just Plain Cool

Just plain cool… High on my geek factor is a love of text and fonts. The following was linked from a blog linked from Dan’s Blog, just check it out. Textism: The Evolution of Writing Read more

The Room Returns

The Room Returns So I’ve re-titled my blog back to it’s original title, because it’s returned to it’s original URL. Dad has ideas on re-building the website into a new fancy family wide thing, and since technically he owns it I’ll support him in that. Mark’s website should have returned, but I’ll need to do some work there to help m... Read more


OpenGuide I’m pleased to annouce the beginning of OpenGuides Orlando which is my attempt at keeping track of things in the Orlando area. But if others chip in and start helping add to the website and find it useful it would become a good overall resource. For an example of a good OpenGuides website see the original OpenGuides London Read more

Mountpoints Climbed

Mountpoints Climbed Worked like a champ. Now I can copy mp3’s to the palm by simply sticking the right media in the right drive and typing: cp /mnt/cdrom/pina_colada_song.mp3 /mnt/sdcard/Audio This also works with text files from Vi, WordDocs and SpreadSheets from OpenOffice, and HTML Files for the Palm’s WebBrowser. All in all I’m chuffed. Read more