The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?


Exploring… and Kitty Empire Both very interesting sites mentioned to me by Nancy. -Chris Read more


Restyle Yes I have restyled back to a default MT Styling. I got tired of having to hack up my own style and didn’t have the time to fight my way through it all again. I’ve been considering dropping MT entirely for something else but I dunno what yet. We’ll see where this leads. Read more

3 Strange Years

3 strange years… According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, this May will mark the 3 year anniversary of our possession of this domain name. It doesn’t really seem like that long, but then I suppose it really is. I’ve lived over seas for two years, spoken at a major industry conference, and seen many of the classics of art (David daddy ... Read more

For Inspiration

For Inspiration Haiku-o-Matic: Haiku! Read more

A Contest

A Contest Perl people have a tendancy to be literary people. This is why ActiveState, the people responsible for Perl on Windows have released a Perl Haiku Contest 3 Lines 5 / 7 / 5 syllables No similies or metaphores strive for "lightness" or "openess" ... and depth </ul> Oh ... and it needs to compile with 'perl -c' Read more