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Today Is A Bank Holiday

Today is a bank holiday Today is a bank holiday for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. It’s been 25 years since the Sex Pistols released God Save the Queen. Oh and I guess the Queen has Reigned for 50 years, but I’m a Yank, what do I care? The BBC has been going through variations on the theme “The History of the Queen.” Last night was “The history of... Read more

Worry Bugs

Worry Bugs I didn’t post yesterday, I spent much of my time worrying about some bugs in Soq. I think I’ve got them reolved down to re-designing the object structure but while I’m tinkering with the innards I decided to go and design the abstract class so I can do some interitance bits, which in tern led to a long pondering of how to build inheri... Read more

Techgnosis Cont.

Techgnosis Cont. Read some more of Techgnosis last night, and it was talkng about a Gnostic text (big G so you know it’s authentic) called the “Hymn of the Pearl” which according to Erik Davis shows an example of pure information (the letter from the prince’s parents) exterting control over reality (waking the prince from his stupor). Again very... Read more


Techgnosis Started reading Techgnosis by Erick Davis again last night. (Even managed to pick up where I’d left off … over a year ago … the book is that dense) and it gave me some great ideas surrounding Technology/Mysticism that explain the common archtypes found in alot of the Cyperpunkish books I’ve read. Try reading both The Wonderland Gambit... Read more

Might Be Easier.

Might be easier…. Worked out some of the bugs to the software running behind this site. This will make it easier for me to update. You may seem some updates comming soon. Hopefully at least I can start blogging here again. -Chris Read more