The Room Do I dare disturb the universe?

Why My Daughter Loves Me

Why my daughter loves me… Aparently it’s because I’m a lefty-liberal pinko. The Political Compass Update: Katie also says I’m a dreenlus (which is how she’s currently saying Genius) Read more

More Cooking For Spring Break

More Cooking for Spring Break Today was: - Station - Tye’s Tangy Keylime Pie Read more

Hokey Smokes

Hokey Smokes! MegaTokyo - relax, we understand j00 For the first full week that it was available in bookstores, the week ending February 11th, Megatokyo Volume 2 came in at #4, being being outsold by only 3 titles - Kenshin Vol 3, Fruits Basket Vol 1 and Trigun Vol 2. Holy crap, as they say. The week after that, MT Vol2 came in at #7, then th... Read more


Conflict Well two (possibly) conflicting things happened today. First, I sent out the annoucements that the Orlando PerlMongers would be holding their first ever meeting next Tuesday (March 23) at 7:00pm at Kate O’Brien’s downtown. Which is something I’ve been trying to help get off the ground since well since before I left the UK actually. Bu... Read more

Spring Break

Spring Break In celebration of Spring Break, Katie made me help her make: Nestle Toll House Cookies Monday we’ll be making Key Lime Pie I think. Read more